Save our Children… Save the Girl Child!!!

Help O.U.R. go to the darkest corners of the Earth to rescue children from sex slavery. We need your voice to spread the message that slavery still exists today and it’s time for the modern day abolitionists to stand up and say “NO MORE!”.
You can do your part by watching and sharing the untold story of Operation Toussaint – a limited-time private documentary showing that goes deep into the most hellish places in Haiti to rescue girls from the grip of sex trafficking. In the land of the free, it’s our job to not turn a blind eye to the darkness. Evil flourishes when the truth doesn’t stand up for itself.
Save children who are our future…Spread the truth..more humans join hands and fight this evil and abolish from our neighborhood…
Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise everywhere… and the world doesn’t know.
Every 30 seconds a child is sold…for sex, labor, or organ harvesting….Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal enterprise in the United States…and the world doesn’t know. But no more. It stops now, and I’m ready to do my part, to use my voice, to stand up for the truth so evil doesn’t prevail.
I need your help. I’ve partnered with OUR to spread the word and bring awareness through the telling of the dramatic story “Operation Toussaint”. It’s a documentary that follows the journey of former government agent Tim Ballard, who left everything he’d built with a high-profile government job, to go rescue kids all around the world. This documentary will open your eyes. It’ll change the way you see the world. It’ll make you hungry for justice, hope, and freedom.
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