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High Quality Graphics PLR and MRR

PLR Instagram Stories Templates:

Every product/service has a lot of competition and to stand out from the crowd one needs a great team work right from creation, development, positioning, marketing and sale and later offer service on top of it.

To stand out from this cut throat competition you need a little helping hands.

Whether your business is individual / corporation / partnership, it needs better visibility and reach to the target audience who can understand and buy your service with full conscience. Social Media is a great way and it has become mandatory for every business to start using social media. Millions of people are using various platforms to interact with each other and also with various business.

There are lots of platforms and one among is Instagram, it has a great value to promote products and service as it supports video and graphics. So to develop graphics you need to hire expert which charge lots of money and not sure if they ever sync with mission and vision of your line of business. Learning graphics is other option but it takes time and you wont have free mind to work on your niche business.

Instagram is one of the best platform to choose currently and it would help you develop visibility to target audience using graphic templates, now where can you find those templates to choose which fits your business and have great options to use with minimal effort of understanding technical concepts.

Regardless of What Business You are Doing Right Now, You Will Need a High Quality Product (to Use, to Sell OR even to Sell its Resell Right).

Here is a solution i recommend to start using it :


INSTAMPLATE package is a professional MRR which consists of 100 Instagram Post Templates that can be easily edited using PowerPoint.

It Only Requires THREE Steps to Start Using This Package :

  • Choose Your Template Using PowerPoint
  • Edit/Modify The Chosen Template as Needed
  • Save as JPG/PNG and It’s Ready to be Posted

For more insights check video in brief : Watch Video.


  • High-Demand Niche That is Widely Needed
  • 100 Instagram Post Templates That are Ready to be Resold​
  • Easily Edited Using ONLY PowerPoint​
  • Multiple Ways of Monetization​


  • A license to those 100 Instagram Post Templates that can be easily edited with power point.
  • This license also allows you to generate revenue by selling the edited templates to your clients.
  • Also the same license generously allows you to sell the templates under your name.
  • And … Even allows you to sell the Resell Right to The templates.


To develop such templates using graphics need a great developer and pricing might be on the disadvantage side as depicted below:

Check the pricing advantage of Instamplate: Check Here


  • Save your money and design your own Instagram posts using these templates to sell your product or service in Instagram
  • Edit the template and sell it to your clients for great revenue.
  • Explode your sales by offering Instamplate as bonus.
  • Change the product name and sell its Personal and Developer Right under your name for better price.
  • Change the product name and sell its Resell Right under your name and earn.
  • Explode your sales by having Instamplate as Bonus OR Bundle Instamplate with your existing product or service.

Grab this package before the offer gets lapse: Get Today

Avail this offer which can be utilized in the following ways :

  • [YES] Use This Product for Your Personal Project
  • [YES] Edit The Templates and Use / Sell The Edited Templates to Your Clients
  • [YES] Edit The Templates and Offer Design Service to Clients
  • [YES] Sell This Product (Personal and Developer Version) With Minimum Price of $10
  • [YES] Sell This Product (Resell Right Version) With Minimum Price of $18
  • [YES] Edit/Add/Change The Content of This Product
  • [YES] Sell This Product With Personal and Developer License
  • [YES] Add This Product to Your Paid Membership
  • [YES] Bundling This Product With Another Product Whose Minimum Price is $15
  • [YES] Offered as Bonus for Your Other Products Whose Minimum Price is $15
  • [YES] Offered as Bonus for Your Affiliate Product Promotion Whose Minimum Price is $15
  • [NO] Share/Give This Product Away for Free
  • [NO] Share/Sell This Product With Master Resell Right License
  • [NO] Share/Sell This Product With Private Label Right License

For all previews of templates and FAQs : Check Here

Every great journey start with a single step, with usage of proper tools and technology the journey would be less tedious and thereby reaching destiny in less time.




Writing And Translation

Have a way with words. Get copy, translation & editorial work from experts or learn to become a content writer.

Every business is online today and best way to project and reach wider audience is through content, content can be video, audio, articles, Ads, web and many more.

To articulate a business,service, product you need a great content writer who can design the best content for your business. There is a huge demand for this profession world wide as more and more businesses and entrepreneurs are operating and giving birth to various businesses online daily.

This world has become a digital hub and content writers play an important role. Loads of opportunities in this field.

Start Your Journey : Learn Today

E.g : Learn Online Language lessons : Start Today

Dont have time and want to hire a content write to promote your business through a great content start hiring and save your time to explore your niche.

Hire a professional : Hire Today

a vintage typewriter

Writing and Translation

Some of the skills you can hire or learn includes the following but not limited to this list.

  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Resume Writing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Technical Writing
  • Cover Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Translation
  • White Papers
  • UX Writing
  • Online Language Lessons
  • Podcast Writing
  • Case Studies
  • Grant Writing
  • Social Media Copy
  • Sales Copy
  • Press Releases
  • Research & Summaries
  • Transcripts
  • Legal Writing
  • Product Descriptions
  • Website Content
  • Business Names & Slogans
  • Scriptwriting
  • Book & eBook Writing
  • Email Copy
  • Speechwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Beta Reading
  • Other

Programming and Technology

Learn Programming from the experts or start hiring programmers to run your thoughts, ideas, hobbies, business into money machines.

Choose technology what you want to learn and master it sitting right at your comfort place like home

Learn Programming from experts, check here : Learn Today

Get Online coding Lessons Today : Enroll Today 

You dont have time to learn but want to spend more time on your expertise…

start hiring professionals and get the work done easily to start and run your business according to your plans, Check here : Hire Professionals 

joyful confident woman using netbook in park
Programming and Technology

Some of the skills you can accomplish or hire professionals but not limited are below:

  • WordPress
  • Website Builders & CMS
  • Game Development
  • Web Programming
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Applications
  • Support & IT
  • Online Coding Lessons
  • Chatbots
  • Cybersecurity & Data Protection
  • Data Analysis & Reports
  • Convert Files
  • Databases
  • User Testing
  • QA
  • Other

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The Next Level of Video Marketing, An All-In-One Solution.

Video is the future of Marketing and the world is moving in this direction so are everyone.

The only thing matters is quality and eye catching video content which separates from others. To achieve high quality marketing videos you need design software skills and video creative skills which needs time, patience and money.

Here is a package which helps you achieve your goals with video templates which can be edited using PowerPoint. It doesn’t need expensive video or graphic editor to customized your video. It is fast, easy to use, less expensive and most importantly covers most of the niches. It performs the task of reaching more customers, promote your product, service, brand and get your business done.

Find more details, demo and other information: Check Here



  • CLASSY Quality video templates specially created for eCommerce.
  • 100% FULLY Edited using Powerpoint, NO More Video Software needed.
  • EASY to use and customize, without needing any advanced Design skill.
  • HUGE variety of animated video templates in a Single Package.
  • Work SMART & Out of The Box​​ to get your videos done in minutes.
  • Unlimited Creativity, You can be creative as you like with our 460+ collection of Brand Identity Design templates that can be tailored to your business brand. Be more creative as you can!

Whats Inside this Package:

Who will Need This..?


Every Marketer, Individual Business & Any Business Owner will Need Video Templates And This Package helps ANY Business To Create Studio Quality Video for ANY Marketing Purposes.

Get Access To This Package : Click Here

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An Image Is Worth 600,000 Daily New Unique Visitors.

On Feb16th 2018 Google has removed the view image button from image search, Now the traffic gets directed to those images or website contain images which rank on the top.

So better, high quality and visually appealing images will lead to great traffic for yourself and your clients business. Best Organic Traffic Leads To Best Benefits. In short visual content boost your business resulting in best conversions.

Where do you get those visually appealing images, some sites offer them but you might end up emptying your pockets.

Here is a package available which helps you own 35000 premium stock images which are 4k HD with all royalty rights Plus Unlimited Clients’ Usage Commercial License. Get Yourself on Top of the Image Rankings and Drive Traffic, Leads, Sales & Profits.

Get more in-depth details about this package: Find Here

What does this package contains:


  • 35,000 4K Ultra HD Images
  • Never Before Released
  • 100% Royalty Free
  • 97 Animated Icons
  • 713 Transparent PNGs
  • 231 No Background People Images
  • 100 Video Footage
  • 341 Video Assets
  • Get on Top of Google Image SEO Rankings
  • Opportunity to capture 600,000 Daily New Unique visitors
  • Go Viral on Facebook
  • Make Better Facebook Ads
  • Dominate Instagram – 100% Visual Platform
  • Better CTR on YouTube with HD Thumbnails
  • Run Successful Pinterest Accounts
  • Win Twitter
  • Use in Website, Blog
  • Use in E-Com Business
  • Sell it as graphic solution service on freelancer sites
  • Unlimited Commercial License
  • Use for your own projects or any clients’ projects
  • Join for only One Time Payment
  • Very Limited Time Discount

Get statistical information and details : Check Here

This package includes 9 Bonus:

  • Facebook Graphics
  • Instagram DFY Graphics
  • 1000+ Fonts Used
  • Instagram DFY Banners
  • Instant Squeeze Page Builder
  • Search Engine Domination 101: An Modern Guide To SEO
  • FaceBook Video Traffic Frenzy
  • 10K Email Manifesto
  • Facebook Ninja 101

For more details on bonus get in touch with us.

Grab this package and enter the world of ease of doing business: Click Here

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