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For email marketing the tool  which is best and easy to use is Aweber … Every tool available has it own functionality and features but here is why i like it the most when compared to any other tool currently in use…

  • Customer support round the clock, 7 days a week (phone/email/chat) this is incredible… your business never stops until you do so…its awesome
  • No upgrades are needed and price are affordable with lots of features it matters the most.
  • Highest standards and best deliverables
  • Handles subscriber management capabilities, this is just too good… you are more engaged and your business is more driven.
  • Segmentation (based on services/products/solutions) , Automation (emails schedules/autoresponders/your business is automated) and Tagging (based on client and customer behaviors you change your mode of business and reach them back with more quality and engagement)
  • This integrates more than 250 online applications like Paypal, shopify to name a few.
  • Tones of Resources for you to use like templates, videos, infographic much more…

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