Tools To Start Online … Starter Pack

Do you have your idea or do you have a business in place. Need to spread word out and get hold of your clients and customers… you got ideas and want to share it to the world…

here are the two ways to start…you can connect your business or ideas or thoughts using these with any of your social media presence like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more…

Most importantly you need minimum two tools to leverage your business or ideas online to start.. these are the first initial steps…

  1. Create website/blog : I recommend WordPress, its easy everything drag and drop dont need hands of designer or developer… its all ready made and get to go..

To start with … Its as low as buying a movie ticket …

Get your access here :

Designing website is now age old matter… everything is available mostly in drag or drop … so start your actions… dont wait and think ….where to start…what to write… what to do how to manage…all tools are inbuilt within this platform with lots of plugins to play with and start making progress reaching right audiences at right places.

Any small business/home business/business owners/small and medium enterprise/writer/author/blogger whoever you are if you need to meet your audience, clients, customers you need this platform … if you want more customers online ..want to make your footprint across every corners … get this done today

Get your access here.. :

2) Email Marketing Tool:

This platform helps to spread your word outside in all corners possible your business/ideas can reach … reach your customers/clients ..engage them with updates on your services/products/solutions ..create value add content.. everything on this single platform…make every prospect your potential customers…this is a great tool to start leveraging your business..

get your access today … have a free test drive >>>>

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Some of the features using this tool :

  • create email newsletters
  • drag and drop editor
  • html templates
  • email automation
  • tagging
  • autoresponder tool
  • RSS Feed to Email
  • Integrations
  • Signup forms
  • Email APIs
  • Mobile App
  • Great Customer Service
  • Subscriber Management Tool
  • Email Tracking
  • Many Many more features are still adding on..

You wont get these anywhere else…. checking the pricing button … its very low with all features .

Get your access here :

Check more information “Pick Here” section under “Technology” in this blog on email marketing tool and features.
So act fast .. start your website/blog along with email marketing tool.
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Email Marketing Tool … Know More !!!!

For email marketing the tool  which is best and easy to use is Aweber … Every tool available has it own functionality and features but here is why i like it the most when compared to any other tool currently in use…

  • Customer support round the clock, 7 days a week (phone/email/chat) this is incredible… your business never stops until you do so…its awesome
  • No upgrades are needed and price are affordable with lots of features it matters the most.
  • Highest standards and best deliverables
  • Handles subscriber management capabilities, this is just too good… you are more engaged and your business is more driven.
  • Segmentation (based on services/products/solutions) , Automation (emails schedules/autoresponders/your business is automated) and Tagging (based on client and customer behaviors you change your mode of business and reach them back with more quality and engagement)
  • This integrates more than 250 online applications like Paypal, shopify to name a few.
  • Tones of Resources for you to use like templates, videos, infographic much more…

Get your access here :


Try AWeber free for 30 days! – AWeber Communications
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